In a statement, Shashi Tharoor said Rahul Gandhi declined to request that I withdraw from the contest for the presidency of the Congress

The senior Congress head Rahul Gandhi was urged by party leaders to ask for his resignation from Shashi Tharoor’s candidacy Shashi Tharoor’s candidature, the Thiruvananthapuram MP, who has launched an aggressive effort to get its highest office, said on Tuesday.

Tharoor is currently in Kerala for the election campaign and has told reporters here that Gandhi stated that he would not be asking the former to quit as it would benefit the old party.

“He told me that he’s been saying for the last ten years that there must be a contest to be the position of chief of the party.

“He further informed me that some people had requested him to withdraw my candidacy. He assured me that he would not be doing so. He advised me not to quit, and I should be a candidate in the next election,” the Thiruvananthapuram MP stated.

In the earlier part of the day, the president said that he had never believed in prominent leaders to back his efforts and didn’t anticipate getting it today, but at the same time, he requires all the support of everyone.

The announcement came in the aftermath of the report by Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president K Sudhakaran publicly declaring his support for the veteran politician Mallikarjun Kharge for the party chief’s position.

Tharoor said that he wouldn’t abandon those who had backed his campaign to date in his campaign by resigning from the polls.

“I didn’t expect any help from the significant leader of the party. I don’t expect the same now. I had meetings with people from the party at Nagpur, Wardha and then Hyderabad. They’re asking me to challenge and not back off from the issue.

“I told them that I would not resign. I will never betray the people who have backed me up to this point. Their faith in me makes me able to keep moving forward.” In announcing his belief that “the majority of those who support him are younger leaders of the party and employees”, He said the need for support is from all and would not dismiss anyone.

Tharoor added that he’d seen “partiality” on the part of some senior party leaders. While he is respectful of the senior leaders of all parties, their vote is of the same significance as that of any other Congress member or employee.

“I have observed a bias in the actions of certain senior leaders. I admire all top leaders in the party. However, the votes of an office bearer, senior leader, or Congress employee are given the same significance when it comes to counting.” His remarks have significance because none of the top KPCC members, like Sudhakaran, V D Satheesan and Ramesh Chennithala, welcomed Tharoor as he entered the party’s office in the capital city of the state.

When asked about Sudhakaran’s support for Kharge as a way to deter others from backing Kharge, Tharoor said, “Maybe. However, I’m not declaring that. I am not required to know what’s happening inside people’s heads. I’ll say that no matter what someone says privately or in public, the vote is kept secret.

“No one will be able to determine who voted for whom. People can vote according to their preferences and opinions. They can choose who they wish to strengthen their party and prepare it to face the challenges it will confront in the future.”

Concerning Sudhakaran’s comments in the wake of the incident, the Thiruvananthapuram MP stated that the KPCC chief may have made a personal choice and preferences as well “there is nothing wrong with that.” “He is unable to provide a direction apparent from the circular issued by the party prohibiting party office bearers from campaigning for candidates. However, please don’t inquire about the issue. If the authority for elections wants to take action, then it’s up to them to do it,” He said.

The circular for elections issued by the Congress party Monday stated that AICC general secretaries/in-charges secretary joint secretaries, Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) presidents, Congress Legislature Party (CLP) members, leaders of frontal groups and department chiefs, groups, along with all the spokespersons of official positions “shall not campaign for or against contesting candidates.” “If they wish to support any candidate, they must first resign from their organisational post. After that, they participate in the campaign process,” it read.

The voting vote for the Congress Presidential election is scheduled to take place on the 17th of October. Vote counting will begin on the 19th of October, and outcomes will be announced on the same day.

More than 9,900 Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) members will vote at the poll.

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