In Dakshina Kannada, the headmaster and two others have been charged with “religious teaching.”

On Saturday, police said that a headmaster of a private high school and two other people were arrested for teaching religion in Adyanadka, which is in the Dakshina Kannada district.

The police say that on Friday, a Muslim group called the Nasratul Islam Young Men’s Organization held a workshop at a private hall in Adyanadka. The workshop’s organisers asked the headmaster of Janatha High School, T. R. Nayak, to send students because they said it would be educational.

Workers from a right-wing group said that the organisers of the workshop made provocative speeches and talked about Islam. The workers also rushed into the place and kicked out all of the Hindu students who were at the workshop. They told the police that by sending students to the workshop, the headmaster of Janatha high school is supporting Islamic teaching. They also filed a complaint against the organisers and the headmaster.

On Saturday night, a lot of people who work for the right-wing group held a protest in front of the Vitla police station. They said that the police are also helping the Islamic group because they didn’t file a FIR even though they were told to. If the police don’t catch the accused, the workers said they would go on a hunger strike at night for as long as it takes.

The protesters asked Puttur MLA Sanjiv Matandur to come to the site, but he said he would talk to the deputy commissioner about the problem instead. Later, the police filed a FIR against school headmaster T R Nayak, the person who led the workshop, Rafik, and Nasratul Islam Young Men’s Organization.

“I heard that the Islamic group held a workshop on education. Since the school also sent students to the workshop, we didn’t think twice about it. But we found out that the organisers sent speakers who bad-mouthed Hinduism and pushed Islam, as Madhava Mulya said in his complaint.

He said that students told him that Rafik, the resource person who spoke at the workshop, said things that made people in two communities hate each other. “That’s why I filed a report and asked the police to punish the accused severely.”

“Because of the complaint, we have filed a FIR against two people and the Islamic group that put on the programme,” said Vitla police sub inspector H.E. Nagaraj. The case was filed under IPC sections 505(2) (commits offence at religious place) and 34 (acts done by several people with a common goal).

“We don’t know what the workshop speakers said. We are looking at the video to see if it is legal or if it is trying to start trouble. Nagaraj said, “We are looking into the situation and will take the right steps against the accused.”

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