In Lok Sabha, MPs bat to promote sports, and infrastructure to raise the level

BJP member Nishikant Dubey in Lok Sabha on Wednesday during a discussion on the promotion of sports in India said that sports in India are disrupted by federations which do not come under government control.

Discussions have been going on since the last session of Parliament.

“The problem with the sports ecosystem in India is that the federations are outside the control of the government. Rich states can spend money and do so, but what do poor states like Jharkhand do? If the federation does not support the players, what is it going to do,” Dubey said.

He also said that under the Narendra Modi government, sports are being provided with all possible assistance with the PM’s direct involvement.

Duibey also said, “In this House, Rajyavardhan Rathore had said that although he won an Olympic medal in 2002, there is not a single photograph of his with the then Prime Minister. Modi-Ji stands by all sportspersons who go to international competitions. It is immaterial whether they win or not. This shows how this government thinks about sports.”

Danish Ali of BSP also raised the issue of federations controlling sports. “There is too much nepotism in the federations,” he said. “If nepotism in federations is neutralised and youths from villages get the same opportunity and facilities as others, India’s tally (at international events) will rise exponentially.”

BJP’s Satpal Singh said although a large number of shooters have over the years come from his constituency, Baghpat, it has no facilities for sportspersons. “They have to go to Haryana to train and practice. I have been demanding for a long time that Baghpat be given a National Sports Institute,” he said.

Vijay Kumar of JD(U) said, “There is a need to create sports training facilities in villages so that youths can easily access them.”

BJP member from UP Jagdambika Pal said the government has allocated over Rs 12,000 crore for sports in this year’s budget. “Earlier, the government used to allocate funds, but it did not reach the players. Now all the money is being spent on the players. As soon as the current Olympics ended, America, China and Russia start preparing for the next Olympics. Now we have started doing the same.”

Goddess Madhavi of YSRCP spoke for sports facilities in tribal areas. “Sports kits are very expensive and students from tribal communities are unable to afford them. The government should provide kits to students from tribal communities to promote sports. Sports should be integrated with the school curriculum and the conduct of regular sports activities will promote the culture right from childhood. India is a diverse country; the government should work on ‘one state, one sports’ policy where a sport indigenous to a state should be promoted there,” she said.

BJP’s Gopal Shetty said, ‘We should promote cricket, as it brings money. This money should be used to promote other sports.

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