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In Madhya Pradesh, two Army personnel were killed during a field firing exercise

Officials said that an Indian Army tank barrel burst during a field firing exercise in Babina, Madhya Pradesh, killing two personnel and injuring another. They reported that the incident occurred on Thursday evening.

According to them, the incident occurred on Thursday evening.

The barrel of a tank burst during the annual firing at the Babina Field Firing Ranges on October 6. A crew of three people was operating the tank at the time. An official stated that the crew received immediate medical attention and was evacuated to the military hospital in Babina.

“Unfortunately, both the commander and the gunner died as a result of burn injuries. According to the official, the driver is in good health and is being treated.

According to the information obtained, the commander was a JCO (junior commissioned officer).

The Army has ordered an investigation into the incident.

An Indian Army statement expressed its deep condolences to the families of the soldiers who lost their lives in the accident.

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