In Noida, a fake passport and visa racket has been busted, and two people have been arrested

On Thursday, two men were arrested for their alleged involvement in a scam in which fake passports, visas, and tickets were forged in order to obtain jobs in the Gulf for victims. In accordance with police reports, Sudhir Singh and Hameed operated out of an office in Noida Sector 27 and allegedly defrauded 600 to 700 individuals.

They allegedly set up a fake company on social media in order to attract job seekers, police said, adding that they took the name of a Maharashtra-based firm. The police further stated that the owner of the building will also be examined for not having the office verified by the police.

It is alleged that when applicants arrived at their offices, they would take their passports and prepare fake visas and tickets, conduct a medical examination, and collect a sum of Rs 65,000 to Rs a lakh from them. Later, the office would be closed and a new one would be established at another location. Police targeted residents of Eastern Uttar Pradesh and other distant states since they would not be able to return and obtain their money back as quickly as possible.

A police report alleges they operated out of offices in Delhi and Ghaziabad over the past four months, defrauding 75 to 80 people in their Sector 27 office alone. Over the past five months, Rs 60 lakh has been debited from 12 different accounts in the name of a deceased man for fund transfers.

The case had previously been filed under sections 420 (cheating), 467 (forgery), 468 (forgery for cheating), 471 (using forged documents as genuine), and 120b (criminal conspiracy).

According to the police, 80 passports and 22 fake Aadhaar cards were seized, along with computer equipment, while Rs 4.2 lakh cash and another Rs 5 lakh were frozen in accounts.

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