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India opens an anti-dumping investigation into vitamin imports from China and the EU

In response to a complaint from a domestic player, India has opened an anti-dumping investigation into imports of a specific type of vitamin used for animal consumption from China, the European Union, and Switzerland.

Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR), the investigation branch of the trade ministry, is looking into the suspected dumping of “Vitamin A Palmitate” produced in or exported from these nations. Piramal Pharma Ltd. has requested the imposition of anti-dumping duties on the imports in a petition to the DGTR. The applicant claims that domestic businesses are being harmed by the product’s dumping.

On the basis of the application, the directorate stated in a notification that “the authority, hereby, commences an inquiry” after being “satisfied on the basis of the prima facie evidence given” about the dumping of the subject products.

The DGTR would advise the application of anti-dumping duties on certain goods if it could be proven that the dumping has seriously harmed domestic competitors. The final say on whether to impose duties belongs to the finance minister.

Countries conduct anti-dumping investigations to ascertain whether an increase in inexpensive imports has harmed domestic industries. They implement these levies as a retaliatory action under the global system of the Geneva-based World Trade Organization (WTO). The responsibility is to ensure honest business practises and level the playing field between domestic manufacturers and exporters and those from other countries.

To combat cheap imports from other nations, notably China, India has already slapped anti-dumping duties on a number of products. The DGTR stated in a second notification that a similar investigation into the alleged dumping of “Self-Adhesive Vinyl” from China has also begun.


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