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Indian passport holders with incomplete names are barred from flying to the UAE

Several airlines have advised UAE travellers to ensure their passports contain both their primary (First Name) and secondary (Surname/Last Name) names. (Representational)

Indians travelling to the UAE will be required to have their full names on their passports starting Monday, according to new rules. It is important to state both first and last names clearly.

Earlier this week, IndiGo sent a circular to travel agents informing them that, “As per UAE authorities’ instructions, passengers with a single name on their passports travelling on a tourist, visit, or any other type of visa will not be allowed to travel to/from UAE from 21st November 2022.”

Travellers on a residential or employment visa to the UAE are exempt from the rule, however. Indigo airlines issued a statement saying that passengers with a single name on their passports and possessing a residence permit or employment visa are allowed to travel, providing their first, and last names are updated.

IndiGo airlines sent a circular to travel agents on November 21, 2022.

According to Air India Express and SpiceJet, UAE travellers are advised to ensure both their primary (First Name) and secondary (Surname/Last Name) names are listed on their passports.

Khaleej Times reported that several Indians without surnames on their passports are being barred from flying out of the country after multiple airlines implemented the new policy.

Travel agents recommend waiting for further information before applying for a visa, or changing existing documents, despite the new rules taking effect immediately.

As of now, we have not received any information regarding this issue from the embassy. A Rayna Tours and Travels representative told Khaleej Times that people should wait 48 hours before applying for a visa. We ask people to wait before making any changes to their documentation while we await details,” he said.

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