‘Is Jaishankarji suffering from Stockholm syndrome?’ Cong’s reply about LAC

The Congress attacked External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar very hard on Wednesday. They said that even though he was trying to attack Rahul Gandhi, he ended up insulting the armed forces when he said that India’s economy is smaller than China’s. “When you say this, you hurt the Army’s sense of honour and pride. Based on this, no one will fight the world’s superpowers. No one has said anything so controversial about China before. And he is the ambassador to China who has been there the longest “Supriya Shrinate, a leader of the Congress, said that she would ask the foreign minister six questions. Read | Why did Jaishankar join BJP? When did he first meet PM Modi? Details here

“What do those pictures of Chinese violence show? What does he think about the fact that our patrolling points have turned into buffer zones? What about the construction of the bridge? Did you tell Prime Minister Modi to tell the world that China hasn’t invaded? Is this how you think the government should change the subject, Jaishankar ji? Are you suffering from Stockholm syndrome? “the leader of the Congress said.

“I’m not trying to be funny when I say this. But someone has Stockholm syndrome if they fall in love with their kidnapper. Instead of showing the lal ankh, your government gives Xi Jinping a red shirt and a red carpet “the leader of the Congress said.

What did Jaishankar say on China?

In his interview with ANI, Jaishankar talked at length about the issue with China. Jaishankar said, in response to a question about whether or not the Modi government is reactive instead of proactive on the issue, “I won’t say that we are making the border stronger. We have a good reason to build our border infrastructure because they are also building theirs. We should have done it 25 years ago, in my opinion “Jaishankar said.

“Again, we’re reactive, so what does that mean?” ANI editor Smita Prakash asked.

“I mean, look, their economy is bigger. I don’t know what to do. As a smaller economy, I’m going to pick a fight with the bigger economy? It’s not about being quick to react; it’s about having common sense “Jaishankar said.

“You should also remember that we made a deal that you shouldn’t bring the military to the border. Please figure out why we agree on something. It is to keep things from getting worse. It’s not to show love and care, “Jaishankar said.

Rahul Gandhi was also challenged by Jaishankar, who asked: “Who ordered the Army to go to the LAC? Rahul Gandhi didn’t. PM Modi did, “Jaishankar said.

Congress asks, “Is this your foreign policy?”

The Congress asked the Foreign Ministry what it was doing if everything that was going on in the country was a “foreign plot.” “Bangladesh is getting closer to China, and Bhutan has moved away from us,” Shrinate said. He also said that foreign policy is not a way to give Adani projects in other countries. “Anyone can be attacked. But at least listen to your father. On the riots in Gujarat, your father said, “In 2002, Dharma was killed in Gujarat.” “Your father said these things, not me,” Supriya said.

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