Jharkhand crisis: BJP lashes out at Soren over his boat ‘picnic’ with MLAs

Amid suspense over the fate of Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren, the political temperature continues to rise in the state, with the opposition BJP rebuking him on Sunday for his “picnic” on a boat with MLAs at Latratu dam in Khunti district, a day earlier.

Senior BJP leader Babulal Marandi said the chief minister was “busy enjoying picnics” while the entire machinery in the state has come to a standstill.

His colleague and former minister Bhanu Pratap Shahi demanded Soren’s resignation before any formal announcement of his disqualification as an MLA by the governor.

The Election Commission is believed to have sent a letter on Friday by Governor Ramesh Bais recommending the disqualification of Soren as an MLA in a mining lease case. But, till now no action has been initiated.

However, the ruling UPA coalition led by JMM has denied any resignation at this stage and said that the assembly has the strength to continue its rule.

Worried over the ruling JMM-Congress-RJD alliance, which they see as the BJP’s moves to secure their alliance, MLAs were taken on Saturday in three buses towards the Chhattisgarh border, only in the evening to reach the U.N. – To take a turn. After spending a few hours in Latratu, the state capital.

A senior Congress leader had claimed, “We had fun-filled boat rides and picnics.

Sharing a picture of Soren’s boat ride in Dumka, Marandi said, “Both these pictures are from the same day… The ruling government doesn’t have time to care. Of you. Please forgive us if you can.” Give daughter.” Former BJP minister and MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi hit out at Soren, saying he should resign on his own instead of attacking constitutional bodies.

The CM had recently said in a tweet that constitutional institutions “can be bought”, but “how does one buy the support of common people”?

Objecting to the CM’s statements, Shahi said, “Soren should clarify under what circumstances he took the mining lease in his name and whether the Constitution has allowed it.” The BJP has sought Soren’s disqualification for allegedly violating section 9(a) of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, which deals with ineligibility for government contracts by extending mining leases to himself.

The clause states that “a person shall be disqualified, and so long as he has, in the course of his trade or business, entered into a contract with the appropriate Government for the supply of goods or the performance thereof.” any act done by that Government”.

The issue was referred to the Governor and the Election Commission by him because Article 192 of the Constitution states that on decisions regarding the disqualification of an MLA, the question shall be referred to the Governor who in turn “shall obtain the opinion of the Election Commission and act by such opinion”.

Raj Bhavan sources said the Election Commission has recommended the Chief Minister’s disqualification as an MLA, but there is no official confirmation on the matter yet.

JMM and Congress have said that they will stand firmly with Soren.

Speculation is still rife that legislators from the ruling coalition may move to an undisclosed destination in a “friendly state” such as West Bengal or Chhattisgarh as the BJP is making a serious attempt to “similar” legislators to topple the government”.

Congress General Secretary and Jharkhand in-charge Avinash Pandey held a meeting with the party MLAs on Saturday to discuss the current situation and devised a strategy.

Taking a dig at the BJP, Pandey said, “The way the opponents were trying to destabilize the government is not good for democracy. We will discuss and review the situation and formulate a strategy.” He reiterated that there is no threat to the UPA government.

The ruling coalition has 49 MLAs in the 81-member assembly.

The single largest party JMM has 30 MLAs, Congress 18, and RJD one. The main opposition BJP has 26 MLAs in the house.


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