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Kerala CM says Vizhinjam attack had a clear purpose

On Thursday, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan condemned the recent violent protests by the anti-seaport agitators in Vizhinjam and stated that such demonstrations were aimed at disrupting the peaceful life of the people and destroying tranquillity in the society.

While widespread attacks were made against the police and threats were made against the police station, the police force cleverly realised the attackers’ intent, he stated, addressing the passing out parade of a new batch of women police constables.

As part of the ongoing protest by the local fishermen community under the aegis of the Latin Church, the Chief Minister broke his silence concerning the violent attack on the local police station.

According to our observations, certain agitators have switched to the path of violence with a clear intention of upsetting tranquillity in society and disrupting peaceful life. The police had been attacked and open threats made against the police station as part of this incident,” Vijayan said.

Thanking the police personnel for handling the situation, he stated that things did not turn out the way the attackers intended due to their courage and restraint.

On November 26 and 27, fishermen from Vizhinjam and other coastal areas protested against the under-construction seaport, leading to violence.

Several police officers were injured during the protests at Vizhinjam police station on November 27.

According to the state police, the investigation has not yet reached the point where any extremist groups are suspected of involvement in the recent incidents of violence at Vizhinjam.

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