Kerala government notices NHRC seeking report on ‘human sacrifice’ case

According to reports, two women were allegedly killed in what appears to be cases of human sacrifice, which was done on the basis of superstition that it would bring good luck and fortune. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Saturday issued a notice to the Kerala government concerning the reports.

The Commission, which took suo motu cognizance of a media report, emphasized that the state is responsible for the safety of its citizens and cannot escape its responsibility to protect them from such activities. The Board has requested a report on the status of the investigation from Kerala’s Chief Secretary and Director General of Police within four weeks.

According to official communication, the National Human Rights Commission has taken cognizance of a media report that two Kerala women, reported missing three months apart, were sacrificed in a bizarre ritual orchestrated by a self-styled voodoo man who claimed to bring luck to a couple experiencing financial difficulties. Lottery ticket sales were a common profession among both victims.”

Such incidents are not expected in a civilized society, according to the NHRC. The report stated there has been a gross violation of the right to life of both victims. Consequently, the NHRC has issued notices to the Chief Secretary and the DGP of Kerala requesting a report on the case within four weeks, including the status of the investigation and compensation paid to the victims’ families, if applicable.

According to the Commission, the missing report about one victim was filed on June 6 this year, while the missing report about the other victim was filed on September 26.

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