Kerala High Court judge praises police officer for breast-feeding another’s infant to save his life

As a result of a dispute between the parents, a woman police officer breastfed a 12-day-old baby, separated from its mother, to save its life, and was commended for her actions by the State Police Chief (SPC), as well as by a Kerala High Court judge.

The State Police Media Cell said on Monday that Justice Devan Ramachandran of the Kerala High Court appreciated the spontaneous compassion of Civil Police Officer (CPO) M R Ramya and sent a certificate to be handed over to her.

It is stated in the certificate that you are the face of policing at its very best today. Both a fine officer and a true mother – you are both! The nectar of life is a divine gift only mothers can provide, and you offered it while on duty. In addition, SPC Anil Kant presented the CPO with a commendation certificate after inviting her and her family to the Police Headquarters here, the statement stated.

The statement also stated that Kant’s actions enhanced the reputation of the police force.

On October 29, the baby’s mother filed a complaint at the Chevayur police station in Kozhikode, alleging that her child was missing and that her husband had taken the child away due to a dispute.

As a result of the conclusion that the father may have gone to Bengaluru with the child, the police stations on the Wayanad border were alerted. During a vehicle check at the state border, the Sultan Bathery police located the child and father.

In addition to being exhausted from lack of breast milk, the infant was rushed to the hospital, where he was found to have low blood sugar levels.

According to the statement, Ramya, a member of the police team that travelled to Wayanad to retrieve the infant, informed doctors that she was a nursing mother and, after that, breastfed the infant, saving its life.

According to the report, the baby was brought to the mother that evening.

Ramya, a native of Chingapuram in Kozhikode district, recently returned to duty following maternity leave. According to the statement, she has two children, aged four and one, and her husband is a teacher.

In 2004, she joined the police force after completing her training in the second batch of the women’s battalion and served in the fourth squad of the armed police battalion. PTI

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