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King Charles III and PM Modi speak about climate change and India’s G20 chairmanship.

King Charles III of the United Kingdom called with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, and the two men addressed topics like tackling climate change, protecting biodiversity, and creative ways to finance the energy transition.

It was a joy to discuss topics of mutual interest, like as environmental preservation, climate resilience, and the Commonwealth, with His Majesty King Charles III. Additionally, the potential of Mission LiFE and the aims of India’s G20 Presidency were highlighted,” Modi tweeted.

King Charles III and the prime minister spoke for the first time since the monarch of the UK assumed his throne, and Modi wished him a “very successful reign,” according to a statement from the PMO.

“During the (telephone) discussion, a number of topics of shared interest were covered, including climate action, biodiversity conservation, creative funding methods for the energy transition, etc. According to the statement, the prime minister expressed his gratitude for His Majesty’s persistent interest in and support of these causes.

India’s aims for its G20 Presidency, especially the spread of digital public goods, were discussed with the monarch by the prime minister.

He also discussed the significance of Mission LiFE, or Lifestyle for Environment, which is India’s effort to promote environmentally friendly behaviours, according to the PMO.

The leaders also discussed the Commonwealth of Nations and how to improve its operation. They recognised the value of the Indian community in the UK in fostering closer ties between the two nations and serving as a “living bridge.”

Following the passing of his mother Queen Elizabeth, King Charles III just succeeded to the throne.


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