Kochi police arrest woman over gangrape of model in SUV

Three men and a Rajasthan woman were arrested Saturday over the gangrape of a 19-year-old female model in a moving SUV in Kochi, Kerala, late Thursday night.

Police in Kochi identified the arrested suspects as Nithin, Sudhi, Vivek – all from Kodungallur in Thrissur – and Dimple Lamba, who is from Rajasthan and is a model. A rape, an abduction, and a criminal conspiracy charge were filed against them.

Lamba invited the model to a Thursday night dance party at a hotel bar in Kasaragod. They were joined by the three men at the bar later in the evening. The woman was then taken to the SUV of the men after a few drinks. As the vehicle continued to move in the city, they allegedly raped her. A short time later, she was dropped off at her residence.

Police commissioner C H Nagaraju told reporters that the police were investigating whether the drink offered to the woman was laced with drugs. He stated that this aspect would be investigated scientifically.

According to the model, the three men who attended the party did not know her. In an interview with reporters, she stated that she suspected her drink had been laced with drugs. It was the man who took me to the car. During the assault, I was unable to react and was brutally assaulted in a moving vehicle,” she stated.

CPM leader P Sathidevi, the State Women’s Commission chairperson, suggested police monitor DJ parties in Kochi. “The safety of women is at risk at DJ parties. She suggested that the police should strengthen their surveillance in the city.

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