Life in a Foreign University: How did I get into MS Cyber ​​Security at Pace University, USA?

Since I was pursuing my graduation from Savitribai Phule Pune University, it has been my dream to study Master’s degree in the USA.  I am Mayuri Khed, and it’s my story. I completed my graduation in the year 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. I planned to start my preparation immediately, but then came the biggest pandemic, which put the whole world in danger, and I thought my dream would never come true. But, my parents became my pillars of strength and encouraged me to study and apply for my Master’s degree during the pandemic. During this time, I chose not to sit idle and worked for Birlasoft as a software developer for 1.8 years.

While working as a software developer, I began studying for the entrance exams required to earn my Master’s degree. I always knew what to look for and which stream to choose. I have always wanted to work in cyber security. However, I was not sure which university I should apply to and how. I began my research with universities that offered full degrees in cyber security rather than just a major. As a part of my research, I attended career fairs which gave me a complete understanding of what courses universities offer students and how they offer them.

Why did I choose Pace University?

After thorough research, I shortlisted a few universities that I felt were relevant to my field of study. I applied to three institutes, but my hope was stuck on Pace University, as it matched all my expectations and factors I had considered for my Master’s. To begin with, Pace University’s cybersecurity department is funded by the National Science Foundation. With $3.8 million in funding, they provide their students with strong practical skills. Second, it has women in cyber defence program, which encourages women department candidates to participate in various conferences, workshops and other events. It was more attractive to me as I wanted to gain maximum knowledge from this degree.

After I completed my research, I applied to Pace University in December and fortunately got a final decision within 20 days. My dream was finally taking shape into reality. I was also offered a scholarship by the university, which was the cherry on the cake.

The documents required to complete the admission process were:

– Statement of Objective – Explaining why you want to study this course, your ambitions etc.
Academic Marksheet- 10th, Diploma and Engg.
-Transcript – Diploma and Engineering
-Letters of recommendation – from previous college professors and employers (if working).
– Test of English as a Foreign Language score.
– Evidence of extra-curricular activities.

The United States vs Indian Universities: How is Pedagogy Different?

Many people, including my family and friends, asked me why I didn’t do my Master’s in India and why I wanted to move to the states. Universities in India offer Master’s degrees in computer science with cyber security as an essential subject. However, very few universities offer degrees, but they are not world-class. Universities in the United States have a world-class reputation compared to technological advancements. Earning a degree here is highly regarded in India, as the students gain extensive experience. They have world-class research and forensic laboratories where we can get our hands dirty with various research projects.

Even though school education in India is comprehensive and covers a wide range of subjects, I believe that there should be more emphasis on activities such as practical implementation rather than focusing only on theoretical knowledge. is required.

Travel, learn and experience this country.

Regarding culture, India and the United States are opposed to each other. I live in New York, the city that never sleeps. There’s always something to do or places to visit. I often visit nearby sites on weekends to take a break from my busy academic schedule. The only thing I have trouble finding here is vegetarian food. However, I have various options for visiting Indian Street in Jersey City. In addition, I enjoy living here, looking forward to the snow, and travelling and exploring the country as much as possible.

Although I don’t have a part-time job, I will start looking for one subsequent semester. I mostly cook my food at home. I budget the money I get from my parents for expenses. I took an education loan for my Master’s.

Coming to extra-curricular activities, I will join the Pace International Students Association, which will significantly enhance my performance in this country. As per my experience, one should be sure about the field in which they want to make their career before taking a firm decision. Because a Master is something you want to master and complete your career, I want to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams and work hard to turn them into reality.


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