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Migrant labourers are responsible for 90% of offences in Goa: Chief Minister

Monday, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant stated that the majority of crimes in Goa are committed by migrant workers, and he urged contractors and employers to acquire a ‘labour card’ prior to hiring workers in the state.

Sawant stated, during a Labour Day event held at Panjim’s Shram Shakti Bhavan, that every migrant worker in Goa must possess a labour certificate. We made a budgetary commitment to provide labour credentials. After perpetrating a crime in this country, migrant workers return to their home state, making it difficult to apprehend them. Migrant labourers commit up to 90 percent of Goa’s crimes if the ratio is considered. Whether from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, or other regions. I will not go into further detail.”

The Prime Minister stated that two NGOs have been enlisted to ensure that all labourers receive identification cards. “The facilities will soon be accessible online,” he added.

Sawant stated that once migrant labourers are registered with the labour department, the government will have a database of their respective addresses and it will be able to assist law enforcement in investigating or tracing any cases.

He added that he has instructed the labour commission to use welfare funds to improve and elevate the labour community.

In March, after a 27-year-old resort employee from Uttarakhand was arrested for allegedly molesting and stabbing a Dutch woman tourist at a resort in North Goa, Sawant ordered all hotels to acquire a ‘Goa labour card’ for their employees. Before hiring staff, the CM had also instructed the hotels to conduct a comprehensive background check for criminal history.

After two reported incidents of hotel personnel attacking foreign nationals in the state in March, tourism minister Rohan issued a statement condemning the behaviour.

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