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Mikey Hothi becomes California’s first Sikh mayor.

Mikey Hothi, whose parents are from India, was unanimously elected mayor of Lodi, a city in northern California, making him the first Sikh to hold the position in the city’s history.

Hothi was nominated by newly-elected councilwoman Lisa Craig, who gained election to mayor Mark Chandler’s seat in November, and was unanimously named vice mayor at the meeting on Wednesday.

He represents the fifth council district and served as vice mayor under Mayor Chandler, who declared in the summer of last year that he would not seek re-election.

Hothi tweeted on Friday, “Honored to be sworn in as the 117th Mayor of the City of Lodi.”

According to the Lodi News-Sentinel, his family was also instrumental in the establishment of the Sikh temple on Armstrong Road.

Hothi was reported in the article as saying, “Our experience is comparable to that of the Hispanic group that came before us, the Greek community, and the German community.”

“Everyone moved to Lodi when they saw it was a safe community for families. This community boasts a wonderful education, a great population, culture, values, and hardworking people. I’m honoured to represent our community as its next mayor,’ the candidate stated.

Hothi, a 2008 alumnus of Tokay High School, stated that growing up in the city was difficult, particularly after September 11, when many Muslims and Sikhs were subjected to harsh harassment.

But Hothi, whose parents are from Punjab, revealed that his family not only survived in Lodi, but prospered. According to the report, many become business owners and entrepreneurs who continue to manage profitable organisations today.


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