Modi faces criticism despite the success of Indian democracy, like “kaala teeka.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that Rahul Gandhi’s comments about the state of democracy in India during his recent trip to the UK were like “kaala teeka” because everything is going so well in the nation.

The Prime Minister added that certain people are hurt by India’s democracy and its institutions’ success, which is why they are undermining it without specifically identifying any individuals. Yet India will keep achieving its objectives, Modi said in his keynote speech, “The India Moment,” delivered on Saturday night at the India Today Conference in New Delhi.

Rahul Gandhi stated during a recent trip to the UK that democratic institutions in India are being attacked, to which the BJP responded by accusing him of defaming India abroad and calling for foreign interference.

India’s accomplishments over the first 75 days of this year were also enumerated by the PM. He added that in the first 75 days of 2023, “India’s green budget was declared, the world’s longest river cruise was launched, the airport in Shivamogga was opened, the IIT Dharwad campus was opened.

When something fortunate occurs, it’s customary to place a black dot to ward off the evil eye, the PM said. Some people have decided to do that on their own.

He also discussed the development of border villages, the Northeast, some of the government’s signature programmes, and women’s emancipation.

India is presently progressing despite significant obstacles, he said. “India has demonstrated to the world the power of democracy,” Modi stated. “I feel like some people can’t handle this success… I have faith that India would continue to advance towards its objectives in spite of such attacks, the PM remarked.

Modi also criticised the opposition parties for uniting in opposition to the actions taken by various investigation agencies against their leaders in cases of alleged corruption. The coming together of the corrupt, who are terrified of the action in corruption cases, now generates news, he continued, rather than frauds totaling lakhs of crores of rupees, which used to make headlines.

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