More state units support Rahul for Congress chief citing “general sentiment”

In the wake of strong evidence the Thiruvananthapuram MLA Shashi Tharoor might be considering running for elections for the Congress president’s post two other state units -Haryana and Jharkhand Haryana as well as Jharkhand -have passed resolutions on Tuesday that support Rahul Gandhi to the post.

The party’s leaders in Kerala have stated their state units are in favor of Rahul becoming the post that he resigned in 2019following the defeat by Congress during the General Election. Former Leader of the Opposition in Kerala Assembly, Ramesh Chennithala informed the press at Alappuzha that the overall feeling within the state unit of this party was the belief that Rahul Gandhi should be the next to take over the reins. “There are no requirements for an edict in this area in the same way as other state units have. It’s up to Tharoor to make a statement on whether he’s running to be the party’s national president”,” he stated.

Lok Sabha MP from Vadakara in Kerala and the former Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president, K Muraleedharan, said, “Whoever contests for the post, only a person with the support of the Nehru (Gandhi) family will become the president.”

In Chandigarh in Chandigarh, Chandigarh, the Haryana division (HPCC) approved two resolutions. One of them requested Rahul to assume the position of party president while taking into consideration “sentiments of all”, and the other allowing to the Congress president to choose PCC office bearers. In announcing the resolution, HPCC President Udai Bhan informed the media that “The resolution that makes Rahul Gandhi party’s new national president was passed unanimously. At the meeting, we all agreed that we should urge Rahul Gandhi to submit his nomination to this post as President.” It is believed that the PCCs of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Maharashtra, and J&K have already adopted similar resolutions.

In Ranchi the party’s Jharkhand director, Avinash Pandey said, “All our leaders in unanimity decided and passed a resolution that Rahul Gandhi should be AICC chief.” Declaring that the party’s leaders and members in Jharkhand would like Rahul to be AICC chief, PCC chief Rajesh Thakur declared, “He should decide on PCC chiefs, too.”

Leaders of the G-23 grouping haven’t found overwhelming support within the party’s Kerala group. While the former Rajya Sabha member P J Kurien has been absent within the party, a veteran Congressman K V Thomas, who has led a revolt against Rahul and was completely left out.

In Chandigarh In Chandigarh, the former Haryana CM and Leader of the opposition in the Assembly, Bhupinder Singh Hooda stated: “The party will welcome its leader, Rahul Gandhi, and everyone else who is part of the current Bharat Jodo Yatra once it gets to Haryana. There will be a unique presentation of Congress employees to welcome participants of the Yatra.”

At the same time, the party’s state unit also compiled its list of 195 delegates to strengthen its ranks as well as its ranks at grassroots and national levels.

The resolution was approved during an assembly of new MLAs and new representatives of the HPCC. HPCC is under the chairmanship of the former MLA Tarachand Bhagora, the Pradesh Returning Officer (PRO), Hooda, the state unit head Udai Bhan HPCC executive presidents, MPs, and high-ranking HPCC officials.

The resolution was passed in a unanimous manner and authorizes the Congress president to choose the HPCC president vice-president, treasurer, executive member of the state election committee as well as AICC representatives from each state. The senior leaders endorsed it, and the delegates unanimously adopted this resolution, raising hands. it was reported.

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