“No spiteful politics”: Nirmala Sitharaman on ED raids in Chhattisgarh

Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister of India, lashed out at the Congress party on Monday, stating that there was no vengeful politics involved in the raids conducted by investigative agencies as they gather adequate evidence against the accused.

Sitharaman remarked, when addressing the media in Jaipur, that the Congress does not care about India’s future, but rather the family and dynasty.

In response to a question about the enforcement directorate’s raids against Congress leaders in Chhattisgarh, Sitharaman stated, “Investigative agencies do their big homework for some time and only when they have necessary prima facie material in hand… particularly if it is income tax and enforcement directorate, after sending quite a number of questionnaires for which they get compl That cannot be accomplished overnight by instinct alone.”

She continued, “It’s odd that a party whose former leaders have been accused of corruption and financial mismanagement are out on bail… through the courts, they discuss spiteful politics… Each agency is releasing tangible evidence… Thus, instead of accusing us of vindictiveness, Congress should explain to the people and its plenary why their leaders are out on bail for mismanagement of party money… Congress party should not discuss corruption at all.”

In response to a query regarding the Congress bringing up crony capitalism in Parliament and the Prime Minister’s lack of a factual response, Sitharaman stated that the Congress never stayed in the house to listen to the PM.

“The Prime Minister has provided extensive responses to questions posed by the Congress, but they throw allegations and then leave the room because they cannot face the facts,” she said.

Sitharaman said Congress stalled the development of India for political consideration.

She stated, “They only cared about the benefit of the party, the family, and the dynasty, not the advancement of India.”

On the inclusion of gasoline and diesel in the GST, the finance minister stated that if the Congress or any other party desires it, they should submit it to the GST council and let the council decide.

“Let the House to initiate the discussion in the council. The central government has made its intent clear by saying that we will put it as an item into the GST. Inform us of the rate inside the council.”

Sitharaman also lashed out at the Congress, saying the UPA had stalled India’s development on political considerations and it had no moral ground to ask.

Swarnim Chaturvedi, a spokesperson for the Congress, stated that the timing of the raids was suspicious.

“Why is it that whenever there is a party or organisational programme, these raids are carried out? Why do 95% of raids target opposition leaders? He queried.

He stated that the objective of the BJP was to attack Congress leaders and disrupt or overthrow Congress-led administrations.

Chaturvedi stated that the Congress had implemented social programmes such as RTE, the food security act, and MGNREGA, which have benefited millions of people. He stated that the BJP has been unable to introduce any such programme for the benefit of the people.

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