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Observe: a drone was flown over a Leicester City training session to spy on the team’s techniques.

On Thursday, prior to their Premier League match against Brighton on Saturday, a drone camera was flown over to spy on Leicester City’s training methods and tactics. This infuriated the club’s administration.

In the video shared on social media and YouTube, the club’s security guard is seen engaging the man. The Sun cited the club’s security guard as saying, “The man refused to go. He recorded exercises that were supposed to be kept secret. They are a crucial aspect of team strategy, and opponents learning about them before a game would pose a significant challenge.”

“After the session, the team discussed the matter.

We’ve recently learned that the club is pursuing the matter further, as similar incidents have occurred in the past with rivals.

“Some material has previously been uploaded to YouTube and TikTok. Who knows where it goes next?”

Watvh video-

Previously, when they were in Derby, Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds utilised drone cameras to spy on Derby County in the second tier of English football. By the English Football League, Leeds was fined £200,000. (EFL).

EFL deemed the tactic illegal and unsportsmanlike. Consequently, the EFL enacted a rule prohibiting teams from observing their opponents’ training sessions 72 hours before a match.

Leicester City is 15th in league with 17 points after losing four of their past five contests. One point separates the team from the relegation battle.

When asked about the distinction between battling for European slots and fighting for relegation, Brendon Rodgers stated prior to the game: “It is distinct. It is quite early. At this point in the season, we hope to be much better. We have to maintain our composure. There is always dissatisfaction. A bunch of ethical individuals will fight and flee. That is a requirement, and the players are prepared to fulfil it. If we can add quality and acquire players, I believe that we will be in an excellent situation.”

Leicester has been in Europe for the past few seasons, just missing out on Champions League qualification each time.

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