On the last working day, M Venkaiah Naidu urges us: Maintain the dignity, decency and decorum of the House

On his last day as the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, M Venkaiah Naidu said that his last advice to MPs was not only to maintain the dignity of Parliament but also to ensure that democratic principles were upheld and upheld.

A champion of mother tongue and Indian languages, Naidu said that he has initiated the process to ensure that all speeches and proceedings of Parliament are made available as process in all languages.

“The whole world is watching India…. Keeping this in mind, I appeal to the members of Rajya Sabha and future visitors to this House to maintain decency, dignity and decorum so that the image and dignity of the House are maintained and people are receptive to showing. To listen to us, and also to follow our advice,” he said. “This is my advice to all of you.”

“…try to do your bit while committing yourself to your ideological line, but see to it that the democratic principles and standards set by our great men are followed.”

Recalling the day when he was “elected as the Vice-President of India”, an emotional Naidu said: “…when the Prime Minister and the then President of the party to which I belong, asked me to appoint the Parliamentary Board. Told in the meeting that after I was elected, I was shedding tears. I didn’t ask for it. But…as a disciplined soldier of the party…I resigned from the party compulsively. Not because of my tears. It was not because I was running away from responsibility but because I had to leave the party which gave me all this.

Stating that he did his best to maintain the dignity of the House and allow all the people on both sides to speak, Naidu said the debate and discussion should continue. We are all working in our own way (in politics). We are not the enemy; We are rivals. We should work hard to beat each other like competitors, but not let each other down. This is my last advice to you all,” he said.

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