One person charged with attempted desecration after a Quran from a mosque was found lying near the gate

Police in Sohana has booked a man for allegedly desecrating the Quran in a mosque in Saneta village. Sohan Singh, the accused, has not yet been arrested.

It was reported by Ahalkar, a resident of the village, that he visited the mosque Monday morning at approximately 5 am and found the Quran lying near the entrance gate.

I contacted other members of the mosque and we placed the holy Quran at the designated location. We then informed the other villagers as well as the police,” Ahalkar explained.

He also reported to the police that he found a pair of jeans that he had seen a man he knew wearing inside the mosque.

In response to Ahalkar’s allegations, the police registered a case against Sohan under Sections 295-A (hurting religious sentiments), 380 (theft in a dwelling house) and 511 (whoever attempts to commit an offence punishable by this Code with imprisonment for life or imprisonment, or causes such an offence to be committed, or does any act towards the commission of such an offence) of IPC).

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