PM Modi: Let’s make sessions more productive by reducing disruptions

Despite all party leaders saying they should understand the pain of first-time and young MPs who have been complaining about repeated adjournments and disruptions costing them a chance to learn about public debate, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for all parties to work together for a productive session on Wednesday.

As he addressed the media at the beginning of the Winter Session, Modi said he has talked to a lot of young MPs, and they’ve all expressed concerns about the continued stalling of the Parliamentary proceedings. In an appeal to other leaders to support them, he said the young MPs want to participate effectively in debates and lawmaking.

“I met MPs from almost all political parties unofficially recently, and they said that when the House gets adjourned because of chaos, it affects them. There’s a disheartened look on the faces of the young MPs. The House needs to run. PM: “Young MPs say they don’t learn from discussions when they don’t have them.” “They want to learn and understand, but disruptions and chaos make it hard.” There needs to be ordered in the House. Their voice has been here. All party leaders and floor leaders should understand. He urged them to focus their energy and hopes to strengthen the country’s progressive path.

As the last Winter Session ended four days ahead of schedule, Modi’s remarks were made amidst frequent disruptions and abrupt adjournments over a variety of issues during the proceedings.

During India’s G20 presidency, he also urged all party leaders and floor leaders to work together to show off India’s talent and efficiency.

‘Amrit Kaal’ is where this Parliament session is taking place. Our country gets to chair the G20 while we’re meeting. As the world looks up to India and expects a lot from us, getting the presidency is an exciting opportunity,” PM said. During this time, the world will know more about India’s vastness, diversity, and strength of its democracy because it isn’t just a diplomatic event, Modi said.

On Tuesday, he called an all-party meeting and noted that leaders were united. In light of the developments at the global level, he expressed hope that the same will be reflected during the Winter Session, which could be used to take the country to β€œnew heights of development”.

After 17 working days, the government is introducing 16 new bills during the Winter Session that started on Wednesday.

Speaker Om Birla told the Lok Sabha that India’s presidency of the G20 during the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ is a source of pride. In 2023, when the G20 heads of state summit is under Indian leadership, the P20 presiding officers will also meet under the Indian parliament’s leadership. This will mark an important chapter in India’s diplomatic history. According to him, the theme of the conference is ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future,’ which aligns with India’s ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ philosophy.

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