‘PM Modiji is looking in the rearview mirror, which is why his car crashed,’ says Rahul Gandhi.

In a speech to the Indian diaspora in New York, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated that Congress did not condemn the British for train accidents that occurred during British rule, but rather the minister. “BJP and RSS cannot envision the future. No matter what you ask, they will always glance behind them. If you query the government about the cause of the train accident, they will say that Congress did this fifty years ago. Why were evolution and the periodic table removed from the textbook? They would point out that Congress did it sixty years ago. Their prompt reply is “peeche dekho.” Read | Odisha railway accident: fragile coaches and limited space impeded rescue efforts

In one of the deadliest train accidents since India’s independence, a massive triple-train collision in Balasore, Odisha, killed approximately 270 individuals and injured hundreds more. As the signalling error — which likely caused the Coromandel Express to jump on a goods train and then collide with a passenger train travelling in the opposite direction — has raised several questions, Rahul Gandhi commented on it on a global stage while also addressing the recent issue of the periodic table and evolution being removed from school textbooks.

Modi drives while gazing in the rearview mirror.

Now consider this. All of you drove to the location. Imagine if all you did while driving was gaze in your rearview mirror. Could you operate your car? You would experience accident after accident. That is the Narendra Modi phenomenon. He is attempting to operate the Indian automobile while only looking in the rearview mirror. And he cannot comprehend why the automobile is crashing and not advancing forwards. This holds true for both the BJP and the RSS. You pay attention to their ministers. “You will never hear them discuss the future; they are always talking about the past and blaming others for the past,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“Congress did not fault the British for the train derailment.”

Referring to the issue of railway accidents, Rahul Gandhi stated, “I recall a train accident that occurred when Congress was in power. The Congress Party did not assert that the British are responsible for the derailment. As I recall, the Congress minister stated that I am responsible for the derailment, so I am resigning. Thus, the problem we face at home is making excuses and refusing to accept the reality we are confronted with.”

‘Fight between Mahatma Gandhi and Godse’

Rahul Gandhi compared the ideological conflict between Congress and the BJP-RSS to the conflict between Mahatma Gandhi and Nathuram Godse. “On the one hand, you have Mahatma Gandhi, and on the other, Nathuram Godse. This is the most accurate description of the conflict. You, a strong NRI, contrast with Nathuram Godse, who is violent, angry, and unable to confront the reality of his own life. He fired Gandhi because he could not face his own death. Therefore, he was forced to take out his rage on somebody; he chose the essence of India. Gandhiji was forward-thinking, contemporary, and tolerant. Godse never discussed the future; he only ever discussed the past. He was furious, hostile, and genuinely terrified. He was fundamentally a coward. He was incapable of handling his lie. Gandhiji, on the other hand, confronted the greatest force on the planet, the superpower, which was more powerful than the United States is today, said Rahul Gandhi.

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