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Police are looking for the man who urinated on the woman in flight.

The guy who reportedly urinated on a female co-passenger on an Air India aircraft from New York to Delhi on November 26 of last year has been the subject of a lookout notice, the Delhi Police said on Thursday.

Senior police authorities reported that vice-president of a financial services company Shankar Mishra has been named as the accused.

The development occurred on the same day that the airline, pilots, and cabin crew of flight AI-102 received show-cause notices from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for violating protocol.

The regulator has given the airline and staff two weeks to respond after describing A-behavior I’s in managing a passenger as “unprofessional.”

Based on the woman’s and A-complaint, I’s the police had filed a FIR on Wednesday. The accused has been arrested for alleged molestation, obscenity, and outraging the modesty of a woman, according to police, who claim that the airline called them on December 28 but with a “incomplete” complaint.

A top official declared, “Mishra is eluding his home and is not in Mumbai or at well-known locations.” “We have requested a watch notice on Mishra in a letter to immigration officers.”

The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) announced that it has “issued show cause notices to Accountable Manager of Air India, Director in-flight Services…all pilots and cabin crew members of that flight as to why enforcement action should not be taken against them for dereliction of regulatory obligations. However, they have been granted two weeks to submit their response to DGCA in order to uphold the goals of justice.

According to the DGCA, “it lacks appreciation of regulatory obligations as described in applicable Aircraft Rules 1937, Civil Aviation Requirements on “Handling of Unruly Passengers,” Cabin Safety Circular, Air India Operations Manual, Air India Safety and Emergency Procedure Manual, and Air India Quick Reference Handbook. It also lacks empathy.

Air India has given the passenger a 30-day ban, and an investigation has been done.

Another pee-related flight to Paris

In New Delhi: A similar event has been reported as the investigation into the Air India incident is ongoing. On December 6, authorities reported that a guy who was allegedly intoxicated urinated on a fellow passenger on an Air India trip to Paris. Delhi Police, however, claimed they had not received any complaints since “both parties resolved the issue and reached a compromise.”

In a late-night statement, Air India verified the occurrence and claimed that the crew had isolated the perpetrator and reported the matter to law enforcement.

According to A-statement, I’s the CISF permitted the accused to depart after receiving a written apology from him “as the victim and the accused reached an accord.” According to the statement, “Air India did not file a police report out of respect for the victim’s desires.” ENS/PTI


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