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Police found the suspect’s car in the Bhiwani killings and seized it.

Rajasthan Police said on Tuesday that they had found a Mahindra Scorpio car that they think was used to kill two men whose burned bodies were found in a burned car in Haryana’s Bhiwani district on February 16.

Senior police officials said that Rajasthan Police found multiple CCTV images that show the car that was set on fire and the Scorpio found on Tuesday travelling from Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district to Bhiwani on February 15.

“The police have taken the suspect’s car and sent it to a lab to be checked for clues. “The car was from Haryana,” a senior police officer in Rajasthan said, asking not to be named.

Relatives of Mohammed Junaid, 35, and Mohammed Nasir, 27, said that they were beaten and taken away by people with ties to right-wing groups on February 15 near the Piruka forests in Rajasthan. The next day, their bodies were found about 165 km away. The Bajrang Dal and Mohit Yadav or Monu Manesar, the main suspect in the case who hasn’t been caught yet, have both denied the claims. Rinku Saini, who is 32 years old and a member of Bajrang Dal, has been caught by police in Rajasthan.

In addition to the five people named in the FIR, police have found a total of eight other people who may have been involved in the case.

“Eight people have been found based on information we got from Rinku Saini’s interrogation, recorded statements, and other technical evidence. We now know the route that was taken and the way things were done. The main goal now is to catch the eight suspects,” the officer said.

In the meantime, Haryana set up a special investigation team led by assistant superintendent of police Usha Kundu to look into claims that staff at the state crime investigation unit in Ferozepur Jhirka turned away the accused, who allegedly showed up at the police station on February 15 with the two injured victims.

Ismail, who is Junaid’s cousin, said that the accused tried to file a cow-smuggling case against the two victims, but were turned away because of how badly they were hurt.

“They would have lived if the police had taken them in and taken them to the hospital. But they asked the vigilantes to take the two men away, so they died and were set on fire to avoid being caught,” Ismail said.

Kundu said that she would go to Bharatpur on Thursday to record Saini’s statement, but she also said that the Haryana Police’s crime investigation unit hadn’t played a role yet.

“I have talked to more than 30 police officers and locals to find out what happened on February 15 and in what order.” “The Rajasthan Police have found footage from four bank CCTVs and have identified a Bolero and a Scorpio, but it’s still not clear what our team’s role is,” she said.

A senior police officer from Bhiwani said that a Bolero and a Scorpio were seen driving around for almost two hours after midnight on February 16. It was still unclear how the Bolero was set on fire, though.

Varun Singla, who is in charge of police in Nuh, said that an investigation was going on and that the police officers in the crime investigation unit had given their statements.

“We’re going over the facts. Cow vigilantes have been to the crime investigation unit more than once, but it is still not clear if they were there with Junaid and Nasir on February 15. A general diary (GD) record is also being checked to see if an entry was made. “If any of our teams are found to have been careless, they will be punished severely,” he said.

Kundu said that the police haven’t found any videos of the alleged attack on Junaid and Nasir yet, but he asked the public to tell the police if they know of any.

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