Police say accused ate flesh from one of the victims in Kerala ‘human sacrifice’ case

Two women were killed in Kerala purportedly as part of a “human sacrifice for financial prosperity” by a sexual pervert and psychopath, Kochi police said on Wednesday.

According to DCP S Sasidharan, who cracked the missing victim cases, Laila, one of the accused trio, told police that Muhammed Shafi ate cooked flesh from Rosly, the first victim.

“We do not have any evidence or evidence or specifics to prove this. It is the only way to prove that Shafi was a human who ate flesh, according to information,” he said.

Kochi the city’s police chief C H Nagaraju told the media that they had “information” about Shafi had eaten Rosly’s flesh “there is evidence however we don’t have evidence.”

Police claimed Shafi was a sexual pervert who tortureed two victims with knives by thrusting them into their privates, and other things, before they were murdered. Laila is suspected tove murdered one woman.

In addition to Shafi 52, as well as Laila, her wife, Bhagaval Singh, 68 who was employed as masseur and traditional healer and masseur, was arrested on Tuesday in connection to the murders of Rosly 49 and Padmam 52. Rosly and Padmam both lottery sellers in Kochi had been missing since June 6 the 26th of September and June, respectivelythey were frequenting the restaurant in Kochi owned by Shafi and police were able to solve the case when they investigated the disappearance of Padmam.

Accused Muhammed Shafi. (PTI)

On Wednesday on Wednesday, a court of magistrates in Kochi gave the three defendants a 14 days of judicial custody. In the remand, document police stated that the murders were the result of human sacrifices to please a goddess. According to the police, Shafi, a school dropout, set up fake Facebook accounts under”Sreedevi” “Sreedevi” in the year 2019. He then through chatting with the couple via social media gained their trust. Shafi has introduced before Singh as well as Laila as the holder of witchcraft. Shafi was previously arrested in 2020 , for raping 75-year-old woman . In a similar manner as in recent instances, he injured her private areas.

In the past 15 years, Shafi has been implicated on 10 occasions in criminal proceedings, the police stated. The remand report further stated Shafi attracted Rosly to their home located in Elanthoor in June with a promise to pay 10 lakh rupees to appear in a pornographic film. She was shackled as well as her lips sprayed. Laila was alleged to have inserted an axe into her privates and then beheaded her. In the following days, Singh chopped off her breasts, cut off the rest of her body, and dumped it into an area near to the home.

The report stated that Shafi was able to lure Padmam to sex by offering her a sum of Rs 15,000. However, once Padmam was involved in a dispute about money, the suspect assaulted her. Shafi cut a knife through her privates and cut her throat. The trio then cut her body in 56 pieces and buried it close to the home.

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