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Prime Minister Modi: RS is biggest strength of country, torchbearer of world in achieving SDGs

PM Narendra Modi said the Rajya Sabha will be a torchbearer for the world in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) during the inauguration of the Winter Session of Parliament.

It’s the Rajya Sabha that makes us great. Prime Minister Modi said many of his predecessors served in the Rajya Sabha.

As PM Modi welcomed Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar as Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, he said he’d uphold democratic values. We have a Kisan Putra Vice President who went to a Sainik school. Hence, he’s close to Jawans and Kisans,” he said.

President Droupadi Murmu comes from a tribal community, and her predecessor Ram Nath Kovind was also from a marginalized community.

With more than three decades’ of experience as an advocate, Modi said Dhankhar has great knowledge of legal matters.

Additionally, the Winter Session of Parliament is taking place at a time when India is starting the journey of ‘Amrit Kaal’ and taking over the G-20 presidency.

PM Modi said young MPs told him multiple adjournments hampered learning. He appealed to party leaders not to disrupt Parliament. “When I spoke to MPs of almost all political parties unofficially in the past few days, they said when there’s a ruckus in the House and the session gets adjourned, it affects them,” PM Modi said to reporters before the session started.

Even opposition MPs say they don’t get to speak in debates, the House gets adjourned and they lose. I think all floor leaders and party leaders will feel the pain of the MPs,” he said.

During the session, important decisions will be made and new opportunities will be created for the country to move forward.

Also, he talked about the importance of the G20 presidency for India. There’s more to the G20 Summit than just diplomacy. It’s an opportunity to show off India’s potential,” PM Modi said. India is a big country, mother of democracy, diverse, capable – here’s an opportunity to show the world what India can do.”

Three weeks of Winter Session of Parliament start Wednesday, and the first week is going to be hot. Opposition members have identified 16 new bills for consideration and passage, including alleged misuse of investigation agencies. There will be 25 bills on the government’s legislative agenda – 16 new ones, seven pending, and two finance ones. The session will last 23 days and have 17 sittings.

(With PTI inputs)

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