Ptron’s Force X12S is the most recent Apple Watch Imitation, however it just costs Rs 1,499.

When it comes to the design of smartwatches, the Apple Watch is the gold standard. This is also why so many inexpensive smartwatches imitate the Apple Watch. Even the Apple Watch Ultra has clones from brands such as Fireboltt and Pebble that, from a distance, appear identical to the Apple Watch Ultra. The Indian company Ptron has introduced a new wristwatch, the Force X12S, which resembles the Apple Watch Series 8 in appearance. Even in terms of features, the Ptron Force X12S appears to offer more than one might reasonably expect from a smartwatch priced at less than Rs 1,500 in India.

Ptron X12S: What are the most important features?

The Ptron Force X12S features a 1.85-inch HD display that supports touch input. While it won’t be able to match the Apple Watch’s features, it’s nevertheless exciting to see an affordable wristwatch from a reputable company with a huge screen, curved design, and touch capability. On certain wallpapers, the watch appears to have the same small bezels as the Apple Watch. Despite this, the LCD bezels on the Petron product are quite thick.

The manufacturer has even included a functional digital crown. Again, the usefulness of the “spinning crown” is inferior to that of Apple’s. Additionally, it offers user-replaceable straps that appear nearly identical to Apple’s.

Bluetooth calling is the one feature that everyone wants in a low-cost wristwatch, where the watch acts as a speaker and microphone, and the Petron Force X12S has you covered in this regard as well. In addition, the watch can measure steps and offers a number of fitness-oriented capabilities, such as heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, Sleep monitoring, and Blood pressure monitoring.

While it is encouraging to see so many health and fitness-focused features on an inexpensive smartwatch, we do not advise users to take the data presented by this device seriously. Intriguingly, the smartwatch is also IP68-certified for protection to water and dust. As with every other electronic device, the manufacturer will not honour the guarantee if the product sustains water damage.

Ptron Force X12S: What is the cost and where can I purchase one?

If you are merely interested in the appearance of the Petron Force X12S, you may purchase it. However, if you want it for the features it offers, we recommend purchasing a somewhat more expensive smartwatch from a brand with a strong reputation in the wearables sector. The Ptron Force X12S smartwatch is presently available for Rs 1,499 on Amazon.


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