Rahul Gandhi says India faces its highest unemployment rate in 45 years

India had the highest rate of unemployment over the past 45 years and it is the obligation of members of the Congress party to improve the future of young people and inspire the minds of young people in the country the senior Congress chief Rahul Gandhi told reporters on Friday.

Gandhi has set out on the ‘Bharat Yodo Yatra to reach Neendakara in the Kollam district this morning, marking the 9th day of his journey since the start of his trek on the 7th of September.

In a Facebook post, Gandhi said he was meeting a lot of youngsters in the march and was aware of their expectations from the government. If the nation could utilize the youth’s power, the country will grow rapidly Gandhi said.

“But this is the time when India has one of the highest levels of unemployment over the last 45 years. educated youth are wandering around for work and are dissatisfied. It is our responsibility and the necessity of our time now to improve those who will be our young people and give them hope.” After the end of the first day of the Bharat Jodo Yatra Gandhi has been involved in talks with cashew farmers and entrepreneurs, trade unions as well as the heads of the RSP as well as Forward Block, both allies of the Congress party.

“I meet with a lot of young people on our Bharat Jodo tour, and I am trying to understand their expectations of Government officials, the assistance they would like from us to help make their future bright, and what other possibilities be created for their future,” he said.

Gandhi added that the primary purpose of this Yatra was to provide a listening ear to children, old women, young poor, farmers, and tribals, and to solve their issues.

“We are also achieving because the youngsters are speaking to us, and walking in a united way. I am hoping that we can all join forces with India and take it progress,” he added.

The evening portion of the yatra begins at 5 pm from the Chavara bus station. It will conclude with Karunagapally at which point the Bharat Jodo Yatra participants will rest for the night.

The foot march of 3,570 km started in Kanyakumari located in Tamil Nadu on September 7 and will finish at Jammu as well as Kashmir.

The Bharat Jodo Yatra, arrived in Kerala on the evening of September 10 and would pass through the state for more than 450 kilometers, passing through seven districts in a span of 19 days, before reaching Karnataka on the 1st of October.

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