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Rishabh Pant coverage distressing: Government orders media to adhere to guidelines

Monday, the government issued a warning to television networks against broadcasting disturbing and gruesome images of accidents, deaths, and violence, notably against women, children, and the old, in a manner that compromises “good taste and decency.”

In a statement released on Monday, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry said the advise was given after “many instances of television networks lacking discretion were seen by the administration.”

The advice also provided instances of recently broadcast footage without blurring, such as “upsetting images and videos of cricketer Rishabh Pant injured in an accident.”

The caution also highlighted footage aired on August 28, 2022, depicting a man dragging the body of a victim while focusing on the victim’s face, as well as exhibiting graphic visuals of the body of a Punjabi musician.

In light of the nature of the audience and its concern over such broadcasts, the Ministry has strongly recommended all private television channels to bring their systems and processes for reporting crimes, accidents, and acts of violence, including deaths, into compliance with the Programme Code.


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