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Sachin Pilot attacks the BJP before of the Meghalaya election, claiming that the party “offered nothing but…”

On Tuesday, Congress leader Sachin Pilot claimed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) made “false promises for the future” and questioned the present gap between the right wing party and the National People’s Party (NPP) in the Meghalaya government. Pilot was on a state visit as part of the congressional campaign preceding the state assembly election on February 27.

“What do they (the BJP) give but hollow promises for the future? What did they do when in power for eight years in Delhi and five years here? What happened to your partners that, after five years of power-sharing, you are now accusing each other?

Before the Meghalaya assembly election, coalition parties inside the Meghalaya administration engaged in a political struggle. The BJP levelled corruption allegations against its ally, the NPP. The right-wing party’s electoral platform promised the formation of a special task force led by a retired Supreme Court judge to investigate all corruption allegations in the state. Meghalaya, according to Union home minister Amit Shah, is one of the most corrupt states, and the BJP has broken ties with the alliance.

“Meghalaya has had no medical college for fifty years. We have constructed five medical colleges in Assam. Two medical institutions were proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Meghalaya. “Unfortunately, the state government was unable to construct any,” Shah stated at a campaign rally in Tura.

The NPP has fielded 57 candidates for the election, while the BJP has announced candidates for 60 seats.

Sachin Pilot added that Meghalaya has “seen enough” of the state’s “selfish power game.”

Who is to say that they won’t realign after the election? I believe that even the BJP is not saying no to anyone. This endless game of political manoeuvring, buying, and cross-pollination, the state has had enough of it,” he continued.

He also expressed confidence that the Congress would form the next state government.

(With ANI inputs)

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