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Saudi-Iran agreement for regional stability does not jeopardise Delhi’s interests, according to Iran’s representative.

A day after India stated that it has always favoured dialogue and diplomacy to resolve issues, the Iranian envoy in New Delhi stated that the Saudi Arabia-Iran accord should not worry India because it will ensure regional stability while also serving Delhi’s interests.

“I think it (the agreement) should not be a problem for India,” Iran’s ambassador to India, Iraj Elahi, said on Friday. It will benefit India because it would contribute to and strengthen the stability and tranquilly in the Persian Gulf region.”

“Therefore, it would benefit India regardless of what has been done through Chinese mediation,” he said.

Elahi stated that peace and stability in the Gulf area would benefit the Indian diaspora as well as a result in more economic participation, including India’s commercial connections with several countries in the region.

Following the terms of the agreement, Iran and Saudi Arabia announced last Monday the full restoration of diplomatic relations, seven years after they were severed following a heated dispute. “We have noticed the news in this respect,” said Arindam Bagchi, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Thursday. India maintains friendly connections with several West Asian countries. We have vested interests in that region. India has always supported discussion and diplomacy to settle disputes.”

When asked if Tehran expects Riyadh to invest in Iran as part of the agreement, Elahi said the country expects to expand trade connections with both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“We are looking forward to investments not only from Saudi Arabia but also from the UAE. We believe the region has reached a tipping point. “The entire region — Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and various Arab governments — has realised that it would be better for them to bridge the gap and plan for the future,” he said.

“The Saudi economy is massive. It is a G20 member with the money to invest in Iran, but it is too early to pass judgement,” Elahi added.

About the Chabahar port, the envoy stated that Iran believes the Indian government is supportive of it. “Of course, there are flaws on both sides. We understand the Indian government’s interest in Chabahar. “We believe that Chabahar is more than just a business concern,” he stated. The envoy stated that the Chabahar port project should be viewed as a strategic engagement rather than an economic cooperation.

Iranian Ambassador Elahi also requested that India resume imports of crude oil from Iran, noting New Delhi’s refusal to cave into Western pressure to stop purchasing petroleum products from Russia following the Ukraine conflict…” India has a robust economy. As a result, India could easily withstand American and Western pressure,” he stated.



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