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Senior officer in the PMO holds a review of Covid

Principal Secretary to the PM, P K Mishra, reviewed the Covid-19 situation and preparedness at a high-level meeting on Friday. Beginning on Sunday, travellers travelling from six countries will be required to undergo RT-PCR before boarding.

During the recently resumed random testing of 2% of international travellers to India, only 0.94 percent of samples tested positive.

Officials report that only 53 of 5,666 passengers on 1,716 aircraft entering the nation since December 24 tested positive for Covid-19. As of January 1, travellers from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand will be required to publish the results of an RT-PCR test completed within 72 hours of travel on the Air Suvidha webpage.

Mishra was informed at Friday’s conference that approximately 500 samples received in December were being sequenced by the nation’s Sars-Cov-2 genome sequencing network. He was informed that the system had been improved so that a greater number of samples could be sequenced.

Mishra was informed that almost 220 billion doses of the Covid-19 vaccine had already been provided, with 97% of eligible individuals receiving their first shot and 90% receiving their second. According to data previously published by the Health Ministry, approximately 27% of individuals in the country have thus far taken the third precautionary dose.

“At the highest level, the situation is being observed. “The country has swiftly adopted the Prime Minister’s directives,” a government official stated.

Last Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with key authorities to discuss the Covid-19 situation, bearing in mind a growing worldwide trend.

During Friday’s meeting, Mishra was informed that states are monitoring cases of severe acute respiratory infection and influenza-like sickness to detect early warning signals. States send a weekly report on this matter to the Health Ministry.


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