Spruced lawns, parking bays, and vending kiosks to be highlights of the revamped Central Vista

As the grand opening of a renewed Central Vista in the national capital is on the cards this week, Rajpath and India Gate were decorated with spruced lanes, walkway bridges, new parking bays, and many other hi-tech amenities for vendors and visitors.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new Central Vista Complex on 8 September. The BJP government at the Center has said that the winter session of Parliament will be held in the new building to be built under the Modi government’s ambitious Central Vista redevelopment project.

According to the Centre, the project aims to renew, strengthen and restore the Central Vista landscape, make it more pedestrian-friendly and easier for traffic movement, provide adequate facilities for vendors and ensure that national events are arranged at a minimum. cause less disturbance.

The latest additions to Central Vista include 16.5 km of pedestrian walkways along the Rajpath, across lawns, across canals, and into the India Gate complex.

According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, 19 acres of the total canal area have been renovated and strengthened. The canals have been equipped with necessary infrastructure like aerators. The canal walls are reinforced with strong and durable material to prevent leakage.

16 permanent bridges have been built over the canals, making the space outside the canals accessible for public use. A part of this space has been designed as parking for buses, two-wheelers, cars, app-based taxis, and auto rickshaws.

In its press release, the ministry said infrastructure like stormwater pipes, power cables, transmission cables for Doordarshan, and other critical conduits have been integrated into underground trenches that enable efficient and easy periodic maintenance.

Green cover at Central Vista

The lawn, spread over 101 acres, has been replanted with different species of grass suitable for their location.

Proper slopes and drain channels have been integrated to reduce water stagnation and preserve the original Jamun trees. Based on the original formal planting pattern, a comprehensive planting strategy has been developed and 140 new trees have been planted after the survey and cataloging of all existing trees.

Modern amenities

New features in the revamped Central Vista include separate toilet blocks for men and women, vending kiosks, drinking water fountains, seven organized vending plazas, and 4 new pedestrian crossings to separate vehicular traffic from pedestrian traffic. Underpass included.

Keeping the specially-abled and children in mind, the architects have installed ramps with railings in all amenity blocks and underpasses for the safe use of children and the specially-abled. Terraced plazas have been built in the India Gate complex.

Arrangements for Republic Day Parade

The Ministry of Housing in its press release said that modular bleachers have been proposed on Republic Day to save time and effort in the installation and dismantling of seating arrangements and to reduce damage to lawns.

Light poles have been fitted with the technology and services required for the annual Republic Day Parade, connected to newly laid underground service lines.

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