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Supreme Court to Varanasi Collector: Hold discussions for wazu facilities at Gyanvapi

Monday, the Supreme Court requested that the Varanasi District Collector convene a meeting to reach a consensus regarding the provision of ‘wazu’ (ritual ablution) facilities at the Gyanvapi complex in light of the increase in the number of believers during Ramadan.

A bench presided over by the Chief Justice of India, D. Y. Chandrachud, heard a petition by the Committee of Management Anjuman Intezamia Masjid, which manages the mosque in the Gyanvapi complex. The bench said it would hear the matter again on April 21, but made it clear that if a consensus could be reached, it could be implemented without further court orders.

Senior Counsel Huzefa Ahmadi, representing the mosque committee, informed the court that the ritual was previously performed in the vicinity of a fountain and washrooms.

Last year, the area was secured by order of the Supreme Court after the alleged discovery of a Shivling.

Ahmadi stated that the Supreme Court had instructed district authorities to secure the area where the Shivling was said to have been discovered without impeding or restricting Muslims’ rights to access and pray at the mosque.

According to him, the number of devotees has increased in anticipation of Ramadan, and so appropriate arrangements must be made.

The Solicitor General for Uttar Pradesh, Tushar Mehta, stated that ablutions facilities already exist there. Regarding restrooms, he stated that the entrance is from the territory that both parties claim as the fountain and Shivling.

Regarding the request for portable restrooms, Mehta stated that the relevant officials would have to make a decision as it should not compromise the sanctity of the area.

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