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Surendra Gopal, a Patna historian, has passed away

History and author Surendra Gopal passed away on Saturday in Patna, his family said. His age was 86.

His book Patna in the 19th Century made him an authority on Patna’s modern history, but he wasn’t feeling well.

It’s sad to hear that he passed away today. ‘Our loss, the family’s loss, and the loss of the academic community are irreparable,’ said his son Piyush.

In the academic community, Gopal was admired by his peers, fellow scholars, and students as an alumnus of Patna College.

In addition, he’s written ‘Mapping Bihar: From Medieval to Modern Times and ‘Born to Trade: Indian Business Communities in Medieval and Early Modern Eurasia’. Besides research papers, Gopal wrote scholarly articles for a bunch of publications.

The family friend Tejakar Jha described his death as a “colossal loss” and “the passing of one of history’s stalwarts”. He was in bad health for a long time; he was admitted to a private hospital in Patna two days ago and died today. In the evening, the cremation will occur at Bans Ghat,” Jha said.

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