The Allahabad High Court recommends the appointment of 16 lawyers as judges

A high court has recommended the names of 16 lawyers for appointment as judges, Deccanera has learned.

A woman lawyer was included in the list sent by the Collegium, led by Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal, in the first week of September.

In October 2021, Justice Bindal was appointed Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court. The nation’s largest high court hasn’t sent any recommendations for appointments since then. In April 2023, he will retire if he is not appointed to the Supreme Court.

HCs are subject to a Memorandum of Procedure, which governs the appointment process of judges. A judge must be appointed six months before the vacancy is scheduled to occur. After the initial recommendations are made, the process takes several months. Allahabad High Court currently has 101 judges, compared with 160 sanctioned. The retirement of four judges is scheduled for this year.

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