The Assam movement is an example of unity efforts: Sonowal

Assam Movement (1979-1985) and Ministry of Ayush Sarbananda Sonowal paid tribute to those who sacrificed their lives during an event marking Khargeswar Talukdar’s martyrdom day in Goa on Saturday.

In 1979, Talukdar was the first person to be killed in the movement. Organised by the Assam Society of Goa, the program was attended by over 100 participants.

Eight hundred and sixty people from Assam died in the six-year-long movement to protect the state from illegal immigrants. The Assam Movement represents the united efforts of the indigenous people of Assam to protect the nation. Assamese and national martyrs will continue to inspire the greater Assamese community and nation for all time,” said Sonowal.

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