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The BMC intends to maintain the Western and Eastern Express Highways in Mumbai

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is seeking to assume the administration of Mumbai’s Western as well as Eastern Express Highways (WEH and EEH) which are currently managed by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority. Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority.

In a recent war room discussion with the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde BMC suggested it should be able to take over the two highways to maintain.

The BMC reported that several complaints were made by citizens about potholes that were found on the highways.

However it is the case that the MMRDA isn’t in favor of the transfer of maintenance of these roads to BMC the BMC, a Mantralaya official stated.

“The one who manages these roads also has the right to advertise to these routes. Because the MMRDA earns a good amount of money by renting out advertising right on the two highways, it’s not in favor of turning these rights over the BMC, In a recent meeting, a senior official from Mantralaya said: “BMC.”.

The MMRDA was able to offer tenders to improve both roads, however the tenders are currently being cancelled.

The MMRDA was planning to transform the two highways into concrete-concrete roads. These two highways were both proposed to be upgraded in line with international standards. CCTVs and streets furniture, beauty, as well as subterranean water tanks were planned to be constructed on these roads.

The price of the upgrade for the Western Express Highway was pegged at around $830 crore, and the Eastern Express Highway at over Rs 470 crore.

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