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The CBI found no evidence of criminal activity against former Madras High Court Judge Tahilramani: Government to House

According to the government, the Central Bureau of Investigation received a reference from the Supreme Court’s Secretary General in 2019 regarding Justice’s conduct

According to V K Tahilramani, former Chief Justice of Madras High Court, no offence has been registered against him.

Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, informed the Lok Sabha on the status of the CBI investigation against Justice Tahilramani in response to a question from DMK MP A K P Chinraj: “The CBI has received a reference from the Secretary General of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India dated 26.09.2019.” The investigation by the CBI did not reveal any knowledge of an offence, and therefore no investigation has been conducted.”

The Supreme Court lodged this complaint days after Justice Tahilramani resigned from his position as Chief Justice of the Madras High Court.

Justice Tahilramani was recommended to be transferred as Chief Justice of the Meghalaya High Court from Madras by the Supreme Court Collegium, headed by then Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi for “better administration of justice”.

Justice Tahilramani requested reconsideration, but his request was denied. She resigned after the decision of the Collegium was made public.

The reasons for the transfer were not disclosed by the Collegium. There have been reports in the media regarding recommendations recently made by the Collegium regarding the transfer of Chief Justices and judges of the High Courts, according to a statement signed by the Supreme Court Secretary General and uploaded to the Court’s official website. In accordance with the instructions of the court, it is stated that all recommendations for transfer were made for cogent reasons after complying with the required procedures in the interest of better administration of justice.”

The Collegium stated that, although it would not be in the institution’s best interest to disclose the reasons for transfer, it would not hesitate to do so, if necessary.

In the report, the Collegium emphasized that each recommendation was made following full and complete deliberations.

Before being appointed Chief Justice of Madras High Court in August 2018, Justice Tahilramani had served as Acting Chief Justice of Bombay High Court three times since 2015. Previously, she served as a government pleader and public prosecutor for the Maharashtra government before being appointed a judge of the Bombay High Court in 2001.

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