The Delhi-Mumbai expressway is expected to be almost complete by December, according to Nitin Gadkari

The Union Minister of Road Transport Nitin Gadkari announced on Saturday that five greenfield access control expressways will be built, one of which will connect Delhi with Mumbai by the end of December.

It is expected that the distance between the financial and national capital will be covered in 12 hours once the expressway is operational.

It is anticipated that the expressway between Delhi and Mumbai will be almost complete by December. This will enable the distance between the two cities to be covered within 12 hours,” he said at a function following the inauguration of a 2.82-km tunnel road between Rewa and Sidhi that is worth Rs 1,004 crore.

He also inaugurated and laid the foundation stones of seven road projects worth Rs 2443.89 crores during his visit.

The Delhi-Mumbai expressway will have a length of 1,382 kilometers. The project has a value of Rs 1 lakh crore. MP has almost completed laying the 245-kilometer stretch that costs Rs 20,000 crore. As a result, the state will benefit greatly,” he stated.

As a result of the state’s comprehensive development under Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Gadkari praised him.

During the previous UPA administration, MP has won the first prize in agriculture growth rate thrice on the trot under Chouhan’s leadership. I was the president of the BJP at that time,” he stated.

According to the BJP MP, agriculture growth is also associated with industrial growth.

It is necessary for industrial growth to have four elements – water, power, transportation, and communication.

As he remarked, he was pleased that Madhya Pradesh was abuzz with development activities.

MP was once a BIMARU (laggard) state, but now it is considered one of the most successful states in the country.

Gadkari indicated that efforts are underway to build roads around the holy Narmada river in MP so that people may undertake its “parikrama” (circumambulation).

Furthermore, he discussed the construction of roads with crores investments to facilitate the Narmada circumambulation.

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