The ED freezes Bitcoins worth Rs 7 crore in a probe against a gaming app

An investigation into money laundering against the promoter of a Kolkata-based mobile gaming app that is alleged to have cheated several innocent people has resulted in the freezing of Bitcoins worth Rs 7.12 crore and the seizure of Rs 1.65 crore cash.

This action was taken against the E-Nuggets app and its promoter, Aamir Khan. In a statement, the ED said it conducted a search operation at two locations in Kolkata, which resulted in the seizure of Rs 1.65 crore in cash and the freezing of 44.5 Bitcoins (equivalent to Rs 7.12 crore at market exchange rates) and other documents.

Last month, the ED raided the office of the app’s company as well as that of Khan and his father Nesar Ahmed Khan in Kolkata, seizing Rs 17.32 crore in cash and freezing Bitcoins and some bank deposits. With the latest action, the total seizure amount, in this case, has reached Rs 51.16 crore. There were as many as 300 accounts used to launder funds from gamers,” the report stated.

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