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The French president Macron has praised the players in the changing room: ‘You will do much more than I will as president…I thank you for making men and women dream’

In this photo, French President Emmanuel Macron is seen hugging Kylian Mbappe while Argentine Football Association President Claudio Fabian Tapia watches (Reuters)

French president Emmanuel Macron hailed the players for allowing “men and women to dream” in a minute-and-a-half speech in France’s change rooms. Despite the sombre background, Micron made a brief speech in front of the slumped players, and coach Deschamps stood beside him.

It is because of you that millions of French men and women have dreamed so far and they still feel vibrated to this day. During this game, you delighted billions of viewers. As a football player and as a sportsperson, you have performed well. You will learn a great deal from this experience. There will undoubtedly be regrets following this match. I would like you not to have too many regrets. Please listen carefully to what I have to say. You are a really great team because I do not believe that any other team could have accomplished what you have done so far, to come back twice and come so close to winning.”

Moreover, he looked ahead, telling the players that the future would be brighter.

There is nothing you can do about it; it is football, it is sport, but you cannot avoid it. In order to be successful there, you had the heart, the hunger, the desire, and the talent. It is just for that reason that I wanted to come see you and thank you, he says to the players. Women and men in France who were in need of such a dream have been made dream again by you. Thank you very much. Please accept our sincere thanks for those who may decide to stop playing after this game. As president, there are many young people who will accomplish more than I will.

“You will gain more from your experience on board because you will have a fantastic on-board experience.” Tonight will be tough, but tomorrow we will be back on the offensive. That is the way we earn them. Regardless of the outcome, I am very proud of you. I wish the Republic and France a long and prosperous life.

Throughout the room, light applause could be heard. Macron turned to give Didier Deschamps a long hug.


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