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The government is eager to pursue curative petitions for enhanced compensation for victims of the Bhopal gas leak tragedy, according to the AG to the Supreme Court

The Centre on Tuesday , told it’s Supreme Court that it is “keen to pursue” its curative petitions to get a higher amount of compensation for those who suffered from the Bhopal gas disaster in which it said that it “cannot abandon” those who felt the negative effects of the poisonous gas leak from the Union Carbide factory in December 1984.

Attorney General R Venkataramani conveyed this to a Constitution Bench consisting of five judges and headed by Justice S K Kaul.

“I want to let you know to you that our government eager to investigate this issue. I have devoted my attention to the review aspect as well as the other issues that arise when reopening the matter. However, I am mindful of the concerns of the government that we should not leave victims. victims…because the tragedy unfolds each the day.” The AG told the bench, which also includes justices Sanjiv Khanna, A S Oka, Vikram Nath and J K Maheshwari.

Venkataramani claimed he examined other examples and has a wealth of documents on courts that have gone far beyond the realm of settlement.

The Attorney General was granted more time to write the petition, the Bench noted the government’s position in its ruling. “The learned Attorney General has taken a stand before us that the government would like to press its curative petitions,” the court said. It also stated that “on the contrary the respondent(s) claim that the sturdiness of the petitions need to be evaluated since it was filed almost 19 years ago after the ruling was issued and without undergoing an appeal process. petition(s )…”

Methyl Isocyanate gas was released out of the Union Carbide factory on the night between December 2nd and 1984, which resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 and causing thousands of injuries.

The company offered a compensatory sum of $470.5 million in 1989.

In 2010 the Centre made a petition for a curative hearing asking for $7844 crores in the event that a number of important aspects were not considered in the filing of the earlier amount. The court is scheduled to examine the case beginning in the month of January.

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