The Indian government is making great strides in the space and solar sectors: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi said Sunday that ISRO’s recent successful mission of placing 36 satellites in orbit had opened new doors of opportunity for India in the global commercial space market.

According to the Prime Minister, during his monthly radio broadcast, ‘Mann Ki Baat’, India is doing wonders both in space and in the solar sector, and the world is astonished by its accomplishments.

The Indian Space Research Organization successfully launched 36 broadband satellites for a UK-based customer on October 23. With this launch,Β India has established itself as a strong player in the global commercial market. This has also opened up new opportunities for India.”

He described it as a “special Diwali gift from our youth” to the country. In addition, it will strengthen digital connectivity across the country, including in the most remote areas.

In those days, India was denied access to cryogenic rocket technology. But Indian scientists have not only developed indigenous technology but also launched dozens of satellites into space simultaneously with the help of this technology,” the Prime Minister said.

The IN-SPACe initiative, announced in June 2020, is expected to impact this sector, according to Modi significantly. A single-window nodal agency under the Department of Space, IN-SPACe, facilitates private entities’ use of ISRO facilities.

The space sector in India was previously confined to government control.

“Since the space sector was opened to India’s youth, revolutionary changes have begun to occur in this sector… I would urge more and more start-ups and innovators to take advantage of these huge opportunities created in India,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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