The investigation of the Vizhinjam violence has not reached the stage of linking it with extremist groups: Kerala police

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Kerala police said that the investigation has not yet reached a stage where it would be possible to suggest any extremist groups’ involvement in the recent violence incidents in Vizhinjam.

According to Thiruvananthapuram Range DIG R Nishanthini, who has been appointed as a special officer in charge of security arrangements and law and order in the area, the police will take strict and legal action against those accused of violence and protests against the seaport.

Additionally, the senior officer told reporters here that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) was not involved in her meeting with police officers regarding the protests and violence at Vizhinjam and that she is unable to confirm whether the NIA has sought any details or information from the Kerala police.

A police officer was asked why no one had been arrested in connection with the attack on the Vizhinjam police station on November 27, and he stated that they were in the process of identifying those involved in the attack.

According to her, stringent action would be taken in accordance with the law thereafter.

When asked about the involvement of any extremist groups in the recent events at Vizhinjam, Nishanthini responded: “At this time, we cannot confirm this.”. “At this time, we cannot confirm this.”. She further added that no permission had been given to an organization called “Hindu Aikya Vedi” to march to Vizhinjam, and blocking points have been set up in anticipation in case they do so.

‘They will not be permitted to reach Vizhinjam,’ she said, adding that the necessary force, consisting of approximately 750 personnel, has been arranged and is being deployed in order to prevent the march from progressing.

During the past four months, fishermen in Vizhinjam and other coastal areas have been protesting against the under-construction seaport, resulting in violence on November 26 and 27.

In the meantime, the mouthpiece of the CPI(M), ‘Deshabhimani’ reported that certain intelligence reports indicated that a nine-member group was conspiring to derail the development of the seaport.

In addition, it stated that there were suspicions regarding the financial transactions of these nine individuals.

Furthermore, it was also reported that the alleged conspirators, including organizations with far-left ideologies, misled fishermen into opposing the project.

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