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The majority of cases being looked into were reported during the UPA period, and CBI and ED are operating impartially: Amit Shah

According to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, with the exception of two instances, the CBI and the ED have been conducting their investigations impartially and have registered all but two of the cases they are looking into during the UPA administration.

Shah stated that anything the investigative authorities did might be contested in court while taking part in the “India Today Conclave” here on Friday.

“A prominent female leader of the Congress asked why there wasn’t an investigation in 2017 during the elections in Uttar Pradesh if they were engaging in corruption. She was asking us questions. Now that there has been action, they are raising a stink, he added.

The home minister stated that any notice, FIR, or charge sheet could be contested in court and that these investigating bodies are not above the law.

Why are they shouting outside when they could be in court? I want to ask the public if they think there should be an investigation into any allegations of corruption. With the exception of two, each of these cases was reported during their rule. Not under our administration, he declared.

According to Shah, during the 10-year tenure of the Congress-led UPA regime, there were charges of frauds totaling Rs 12 lakh crore. In order to maintain order, the government at the time filed a case through the CBI.

The ED must look into any money laundering cases, he claimed.

When the home minister was questioned about claims that the investigative agencies were focusing on opposition figures, he said, “Who is stopping them from coming to court? They have better lawyers in their party than us.” “Agencies are operating fairly. I want to tell everybody that the only way to go is to obey the law,” he stated.

According to the opposition, the government is allegedly using the CBI, ED, and other investigation agencies to target the opposition’s leaders.

The agencies have conducted investigations against a number of leaders, including former deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia, former minister Satyendar Jain, leader of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi K Kavitha, leader of the RJD, and deputy chief minister of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav, among others.

Currently incarcerated are Sisodia and Jain.

When asked about the investigation of the Adani Group, Shah responded that a two-member committee made up of retired judges had been established by the Supreme Court, and everyone should go there and present any evidence they may have.

“If any wrongdoing has occurred, nobody should be spared. Everyone ought to trust the legal system, he said.
He advised against making unfounded accusations because they are short-lived.

According to the home ministry, the market watchdog SEBI has notified the court in an affidavit that it is looking into the situation.

The Supreme Court instructed SEBI to carry out its investigation in conjunction with the other investigation and submit the results to the Supreme Court. “SEBI has been informed and informed that it is undertaking the inquiry,” the official said.



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