The Mundra drug haul led to the arrest of three Afghans

NIA has arrested three more people in connection with September 2021’s drug haul at Mundra port, including an Afghan. It has been claimed that five drug consignments were sent by the Daad brothers of Afghanistan between November 2020 and September 2021, which were all processed in Delhi before being sent to other parts of the country, including Punjab.

A permanent resident of Kabul, Rah Matullah, has been residing in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar for the past few years; Ishwinder Singh, originally from Haryana, has been residing in Model Town in Delhi; and Jasbir Singh, originally from Tilak Nagar.

The NIA said in a statement on Thursday that the pair were arrested for smuggling heroin through the maritime route in large quantities camouflaged in talc stones, bituminous coal, etc.

In the case, the agency arrested Kabir Talwar alias Harpreet Singh Talwar, owner of Playboy Club at the Samrat Hotel in Delhi.As of now, about two dozen people have been arrested and 25 have been charged, including some who are absconding.

Based on NIA’s report, the heroin consignment which was seized at Mundra port by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) in September last year concealed as semi-processed talc was sent by the largest international drug smuggling syndicates, the Daad brothers – Hassan Daad and Hussain Daad – both Afghan nationals wanted by the NIA.

The agency stated that both men had smuggled multiple consignments of heroin hidden in apparently innocuous consignments of goods such as semi-processed talc stones and bituminous coal imported into India. It is believed that these consignments were imported through a variety of Indian ports, including Mundra, Gujarat, and Kolkata, and then transported by truck to New Delhi.

According to officials, these consignments were imported through various Indian ports, including Mundra, Gujarat, and Kolkata, and then transported by truck to New Delhi.There are many countries involved in a large international drug smuggling racket, including Afghanistan, Iran, and the UAE,” the NIA claimed.

The investigation has revealed that five consignments containing heroin were imported into India between November 2020 and September 2021. There were three such shipments of semi-processed Talc stones that ended up at a warehouse in Neb Sarai, Delhi, which was rented by absconding suspect Najibullah Khalid in the name of another Afghan national Noorzahi Abdul Salam.

The NIA has claimed that the heroin in this warehouse was separated from the concealing goods by Afghani experts and sent for distribution in the market through a network of drug suppliers and peddlers.

Through Jasbir Singh and Ishwinder Singh, two arrested accused, the concealing material was moved to another warehouse rented out by Shaheen alias Rock, an Afghan national and key associate of Najibullah. It has been established that Ishwinder Singh, a well-known drug distributor, was in direct contact with Javed, a key aide of Hassan Daad based in Afghanistan. In accordance with Javed’s instructions, Ishwinder Singh, in collaboration with Jasbir Singh, fabricated false documents and rented a warehouse at Vill hamidpur. Semi-processed Talc was shifted from the Neb Sarai Warehouse to Hamidpur, Delhi for disposal.

In the agency’s report, a sustained investigation of Ishwinder Singh revealed that an Afghan national, Rah Matullah, was a close associate and aide of Javed.

Rah Matullah was arrested and 3.9 kgs of heroin were recovered from him. Rah Matullah is an Afghan national who was specially inducted into India approximately eight to ten months ago to manage the drug trade network operated by Hassan Daad and Hussain Daad. Ishwinder Singh’s residence had previously been searched, which resulted in the discovery of heroin in commercial quantities,” according to the NIA statement.

According to the first chargesheet filed by the NIA against 16 individuals in the case, those involved in the racket are connected to Pakistani terrorist groups.

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